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CCC Masterclass - Beginners


Entering the Voice acting journey

The CCC Course is a 6-week weekly program dedicated to helping amateur voice actors learn more about the art of voice acting and increase interest toward becoming better as a talent. They will be given first hand experience voicing a wide variety of different scripts with their peers and learn valuable information about working in the VO world. The course is served online, and can be accessed directly from Casting Call Club through Zoom.

The program is being led by freelance voice actor Joe Goffeney.

You will learn detailed information on how to work with a client, specifics on what pricing methods exists for your services, and how to bring forth your inner emotion while in front of the mic, among many other things. Each week will cover a different topic, with classroom activities and discussion being the highlights of the class.

Fear is often the biggest hurdle to overcome for an amateur talent. Many of them will often only audition for minor roles in small projects or stick to one genre that they feel they are best at. This course’s goal is to remove this selfmade barrier and have fun doing it.


Please visit for open times and dates.


This is a live interactive class with a maximum class size of 20 students. The cost for the full 6 classes is $100. That's $16 per session, cheaper (and cooler) than any tutor.

All sessions are held over video conference. Students will be able to review the class recording if they miss a class. Additionally, students are invited into a special chat group between students and teachers. All homework is submitted via a student area in Casting Call Club’s website.

Sample Preview - Infection on anger

This course was awesome! It went at the perfect pace, was very informative and realistic, but also made sure to keep things fun. I know that this class will play a role in how I move forward with voice acting, so I want to thank you and Casting Call for offering something like this!

I would like to say Joe was a very excellent teacher and an all-around great person and supporter for all of us in general. I can only wish the best of luck with all my fellow classmates, the special guests, and even Joe himself with all their future endeavors and I can’t wait to get the opportunity to work with all of you guys again on future projects coming up! Take care and much love to Joe! :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to teach all of us what you know! It was so much fun! I’ll be sure to use your teachings and I hope we can work together in the future!
Thanks for teaching the class, Joe! It was fun, and great to hear about your experiences with voice acting personally! I’m sure the future classes would love to hear more about that.

You’re an awesome voice actor and an amazing teacher. I can’t wait to see how much bigger you get in the voice acting community and I hope to one day voice in something along side you.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I can critique! The class was well paced and well organized, the content was good, the guests were great, the teacher was AWESOME and it really was just a positive experience overall. Given the chance, I’d happily do it all over again!
— Joe's Previous Students


Confidence to Voice Anything

Don’t shut yourself away from an opportunity because of self doubt; the worst thing that can happen is that you get a no. Be open to learning about all genres of voice-over because you may be surprised by what ends up becoming your “bread and butter" voice!

How to price your work

One of the most controversial topics in voice-over is what you should be charging for your services. There is a different “fair price” for every talent, and only you can be the judge of what is fair for you. Learn how to balance free work and paid work, as well as how to utilize your voice to your advantage, and what sort of considerations should be taken into account when setting your price.


Often overlooked, reading is one of the most important parts of life success. Being able to read aloud well helps you look more confident in front of others, more professional, and greatly improves your empathy when relating with people, which not only makes you a better actor, but a better human.


We will create opportunities for you to connect with amazing people.


We touch on the basics of the business of voice over in this course.


As a student, you are entitled to attend all of the CCC seminars for free.

Sample Preview - Gestures

Survey of previous students


CCC Masterclass - Beginners does not have any prerequisites other than have a good attitude and be willing to learn.