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Voice Acting 201 - Mastering How To Emote


Mastering How to Emote

Without emotion there is no connection! In VA201 'The Emotional Roller Coaster', you will learn how important emotions are in the world of acting. Without feelings and emotions it is very difficult to bring words to life in a way that will engage the listener. Over the next 12 classes we will take you on the ride of a lifetime as we put you in the front seat of your emotional rollercoaster. You will work on techniques that will help you face your fears and get rid of any nerves you face that can get in the way of a great performance. You will discover how to bring hidden intentions into everything you read.

Explore an emotional journey and break down common basic emotions and get in touch with how you express emotions for different situations and how you can bring this into everything you do. You will uncover effective ways for your characters to express their emotions and hidden intentions that will differ from your own. Learn the different elements that contribute to creating emotion in your script from an acting perspective as well as production. Master the tools and techniques that will help you bring your scripts to life. You will learn how listening and reacting will completely change the way you perform. There will be plenty of scripts to read in this course, so grab your box of Kleenex, get your chops ready and hang on for an emotional ride into the world of emotional performance.

As with any profession or trade, it takes time for people to master their craft; voice acting included. A weekend seminar at a famous studio or a weeklong boot camp with a voice coach may be cool, but it probably won't increase your abilities to the point of landing loads of voice gigs. That's why we designed this course with the goal of making sure students see tangible improvements in not just acting, but speaking as a whole.


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This is a live interactive class with a maximum class size of 20 students. The cost for the full 12 classes is $400. That's $33 per session, cheaper (and cooler) than any tutor.

All sessions are held over video conference. Students will be able to review the class recording if they miss a class. Additionally, students are invited into a special chat group between students and teachers. All homework is submitted via a student area in Casting Call Club’s website.

Sample Preview - Infection on anger

An incredibly useful class for someone who’s trying to be a voice actor, and has little idea where to even begin. A well thought out package, led by incredible talent.
— Previous VA 201 Student



There is a strong emphasis on emoting in this class, that touch on frustration, anger, sorrow, excitement, resentment, lying, love, tenderness, happiness, joy, fear, and many, many others. Each week will cover a different topic, with classroom activities and discussion being the highlights of the class.


In order to become a great storyteller, you have to hear inside the hearts of others.


Often overlooked, reading is one of the most important parts of life success. Being able to read aloud well helps you look more confident in front of others, more professional, and greatly improves your empathy when relating with people, which not only makes you a better actor, but a better human.


We will create opportunities for you to connect with amazing people.


We touch on the basics of the business of voice over in this course.


As a student, you are entitled to attend all of the CCC seminars for free.

Sample Preview - Gestures

Survey of previous students


Voice Acting 201 requires the fundamentals of speech (Voice Acting 101) to be finished.