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Voice Acting 301 - The business and methodology of acting


The business and methodology of acting

Now that you’ve discovered how to use your instrument properly and how to bring emotional context into your words, it’s time to learn how to put it all together and learn how to act. 

You will hear many terms used to describe someone who uses his or her voice to make a living.  Voice Over, Voice Talent, Announcer etc., but one of the most important terms that most won’t debate is Voice Actor.  After all, this is what we are doing, acting with our voice. 

As we’ve described in previous workshops, Voice Acting is the combination of Theatre, Film and Broadcasting.  It’s very helpful to have experience in all three in order to truly master the variety of skills needed for each individual project.  No two projects are the same, so there is always a need for a variety of skills.  In this course we will do our best to teach you all three. 

It's time to get down to the nitty gritty!

As with any profession or trade, it takes time for people to master their craft; voice acting included. A weekend seminar at a famous studio or a weeklong boot camp with a voice coach may be cool, but it probably won't increase your abilities to the point of landing loads of voice gigs. That's why we designed this course with the goal of making sure students see tangible improvements in not just acting, but speaking as a whole.

We will cover the following topics throughout this learning:

  • Acting Methods

  • Building Characters

  • Breaking Down the Audition – Clues in the copy!

  • Working With The Copy

  • Scene Creation

  • Changing it Up

  • Human Qualities & Nuances

  • Patterns

  • The Biz - cold calling –invoicing, pricing methods - cost /rates, audio terminology (definitions),

  • Getting To know The Client/Research

  • Mic Technique

  • Body Language Tells The Story

  • Choosing Your Genre


Please visit for open times and dates.


This is a live interactive class with a maximum class size of 20 students. The cost for the full 12 classes is $500. That's $41 per session, cheaper (and cooler) than any tutor.

All sessions are held over video conference. Students will be able to review the class recording if they miss a class. Additionally, students are invited into a special chat group between students and teachers. All homework is submitted via a student area in Casting Call Club’s website.

Sample Preview - Infection on anger (We don’t currently have 301 videos available)

An incredibly useful class for someone who’s trying to be a voice actor, and has little idea where to even begin. A well thought out package, led by incredible talent.
— Previous VA 201 Student



There is a strong emphasis on emoting in this class, that touch on frustration, anger, sorrow, excitement, resentment, lying, love, tenderness, happiness, joy, fear, and many, many others. Each week will cover a different topic, with classroom activities and discussion being the highlights of the class.


In order to become a great storyteller, you have to hear inside the hearts of others.


Often overlooked, reading is one of the most important parts of life success. Being able to read aloud well helps you look more confident in front of others, more professional, and greatly improves your empathy when relating with people, which not only makes you a better actor, but a better human.


We will create opportunities for you to connect with amazing people.


We touch on the basics of the business of voice over in this course.


As a student, you are entitled to attend all of the CCC seminars for free.

Sample Preview - Gestures


Voice Acting 301 requires the mastery of emoting (Voice Acting 201) to be finished.